Benefits of participation in EECC

Free energy advice

Participating companies profited from free energy advice, including funding opportunities and energy audits for selected companies. They got free access to the iESA energy management system, which made energy saving successes more transparent.

Support in communication of the competition

The EECC campaign  supported companies in their internal and external communication of the competition. The campaign’s aggregated results were not only  disseminated to the media, but also among experts on energy efficiency and sustainability platforms. Thanks to the extensive dissemination efforts of the campaign, the companies’ commitment for energy efficiency in their respective country and in Europe have been publicised and been used for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Involving employees in the company's green efforts

Involving employees in the engagement towards energy efficiency ensured that the entire team contributed towards the energy targets set by companies, while enhancing their sense of involvement in the company’s green efforts.