The award criteria of the European and national contest

The award criteria have been selected by the initiators of the competition and approved by the EECC jury, taking into account different factors and harmonizing them on a European level. The following criteria will be taken into consideration for the European competition:

  1. Energy Savings for electricity and space heating/cooling achieved in each company
  2. Energy saving measures and communication activities performed in each participating company, which will be recorded in the iESA account of the company.
  3. Active use of the energy management system iESA in terms of data and activity entries will be rewarded as precondition of effective energy monitoring and quality management of energy improvements performed.

For the national competitions, additional criteria have been introduced to reward activities already performed in the past or planned shortly after the competition to reward the dissemination of the competition to other SMEs, to reward outstanding motivation and communication measures towards employees and for ambitious or innovative technical solutions.

The detailed calculation of the contest’s evaluation score is compiled in the Rule-set for the EECC contest. This compilation also includes a chapter on the selection of companies for energy audits on a national level (10 companies out of 30).