ECOSERVEIS is a nonprofit organisation specialized in energy management issues. We work on the relations between energy and society in order to promote a sustainable energy model, from a social, environmental and cultural point of view. It was created in 1992 to approach the scientific-technological field to society, and decrease the informative gap by increasing energy literacy among people.

ECOSERVEIS works in the fields of energy efficiency, energy saving, energy impact and the environment assessment of energy managers. We also elaborate proposals of available and most suitable financing forms to implement the correct measures to save energy and development of useful tools to achieve energy savings.

ECOSERVEIS carries out technical studies to promote the use of renewable energies, with the knowledge of their impacts and proposing possible financing forms to implement it.

The activities developed by ECOSERVEIS in the field of education cover a wide range of courses on renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainability. They are addressed to school children, teachers, unemployed people and general public.

Concerning social aspect of energy, ECOSERVEIS is working in the field of fuel poverty with many local and regional authorities and social organisations in Spain, and also at European level.

Our actions are always oriented to foster citizenship empowerment on energy topics, and all our projects have a community-based approach.

For more information on Ecoserveis and its projects please visit our website