SEnerCon established in 1992 provides energy advice for house owners, tenants, municipalities and companies in the field of energy efficiency.

The companies' name is the abbreviation for „sigma energy consulting“. The Greek letter sigma stands for standard deviation of the average. This reflects the benchmarking of SEnerCon’s important building data stocks and the search for the outliers between the energy consumers, in order to demonstrate how energy can be saved reasonably.

Today the emphasis is on the development and operating of interactive online tools and apps for smart phones and tablets providing energy advice for consumers, municipalities and companies. These tools are applied in  climate protection campaigns which aim to enhance the modernization of building and to promote the use of energy efficient appliances.

Within the project, SEnerCon provides and adapts the web based energy management application interactive “Energy Savings Account” that was already applied as energy monitoring tool in the European Citizens Climate Cup. Within the EECC SEnerCon is also in charge of the adaptation of online advising tools and energy efficiency apps as well as of data management and for the evaluation of the competition.

Hochkirchstr. 9
D-10829 Berlin

Immanuel Hengstenberg