The Climate Cup

The European Enterprises Climate Cup (EECC) is an EU-funded project that aimed to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in their goal to be front-runners in energy efficiency management. By participating in a Europe-wide competition, they were provided with by cost-free energy advice and good-practice sharing. In addition, their engagement for climate protection in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became visible all over Europe.

The European Enterprises Climate Cup was based on the successful campaign European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC), which was organized in 10 countries and also funded by the European Commission. Within this project, almost 10,000 European citizens took part in the energy saving competition for private householders. On average, participants saved 5 percent on average of their heating energy and electricity consumption, while the ECCC winning households achieved savings up to 50 percent.

The idea behind the Climate Cup

Climate change is not just a governmental challenge for individual countries. European targets of 20 percent CO2 and energy reduction and enhanced use of renewable energy until 2020 need to be reached by Europe as a whole, by governments as well as by citizens and companies.

Over the last decades, European companies have been a source of innovation in the field of sustainable ecological and economical management being an important driver for sustainable development and responsibility on global markets. In times of economic crisis, with tight financial and natural resources and political unbalances threatening the energy supply in Europe, especially small and medium sized companies as the predominant business form in Europe have to be aware of energy efficient management in order to stay competitive on a global market.