Kaneo green IT from Lüneburg, Germany, is the winner of the EECC competition

kaneo green IT solution managed to reduce its electricity consumption by 56 percent and convinced the whole team to engage in energy efficiency. "I never thought that we can save as much," said Nele Lübberstedt, one of the two CEOs of the company. 

kaneo green IT  advises small and medium-sized companies and organizations in the sustainable design of their IT infrastructure; for example, how to choose adequate computers according to their application or how to build lean networks, and to structure data in a reasonable way. In other words: The company is inherently a specialist for the efficient use of energy in the office - at least when it comes to IT.



The motivation to take part to the competition

Nele Lübberstedt explains: "That is why we have participated in the Climate Cup: We wanted an independent view from the outside. We wanted to know not only what we’ve been already doing alright, but to see especially what we can still improve.

My heart beats for sustainability. This conviction is one of the three recipes for success in energy saving at the company: First, it is important that the boss himself believes in what he expects from his team. Second, you need a lot of patience and always have to keep track - even though in everyday business there is always a lack of time. And third: Without measuring and monitoring energy consumption nothing works. You have to know the energy consumption of each single device and how much every individual saving measure can effect by the end of the day. 

Nowadays, many customers expect that a company takes social and environmental responsibility. Thus, companies have to keep up with the time. In particular, small businesses can significantly reduce their energy costs by simple and low cost measures. I hope that other companies take their responsibilities and make greater use of sustainability. "

Main energy saving measures implemented

During the Climate Cup almost all office equipment and each process in the 2014 founded company were tested on possibilities to save power. It was not about big investments, but on small changes. The following energy saving measures have been implemented:


  • Virtualization: One of the two physical servers was taken from the network
  • Replacement of old phones by new VoIP phones that can be cut off the network if not used
  • Replacement of the fax device by digital fax software.
  • The WLAN is now completely off on weekends and after work and the server switches and the VoIP phones are switched off outside business hours
  • Detachable plugs were installed at desk to switch off PC, monitor, printer, VoIP phone during individual absences during working hours (meeting, travel, holiday, sickness)
  • Detachable plugs were installed at the printer, the server rack, the access point, the test server, the fan and the stereo
  • Optimization of IT by synchronisation of test scenarios for IT systems to minimize energy demand and by black screen monitor settings after 5 minutes absence
  • Energy loggers at all desks for PC, monitor, printer, phone and server rack
  • Replacement of old monitors and IT switches for internal use (24 W by 14 W)
  • Replacement of halogen lamps by LED (some lamps were even taken away as the lighting quality was sufficient)
  •  Bathroom is not heated anymore
  • Reduction of the fridge cooling level (1 instead of 2.5)
  • Motion sensors in the hall and entrance