Uponor has won the third prize of the EECC competition

Since 1994 Uponor Latvia provides market for piping systems for all needs - public utilities, gas supply systems, hot and cold water systems and heating systems in buildings.

The office of the company is located in Riga (capital city of Latvia), industrial area. Currently there are working 14 employees – only men. The total area of the office is 220 m2. They are using only electricity (147 kWh/m2 2014), and it is used for heating & cooling, lighting, office and kitchen equipment. Before EECC the company already was thinking and doing activities for effective use of resources by implementing the ISO 14001.

The motivation to join the competition

EECC came as a push to improve Uponor Latvia energy efficiency that has to be done long time ago. This was a perfect match, in this case we have a win-win situation, there is a clear target to move forward to reduce our ecological footprint together with reducing costs for energy, we got good advices from auditors what can be improved and made needed steps to achieve our goal, plus competition and desire to be the best is always welcome. The outcome was more than we expected, we reduced energy consumption, improved indoor climate and encouraged people to apply the same approach in their homes. 

Main energy saving measures implemented

The first activity was to inform colleagues about the competition and find out way where to save energy at office. Here are the list of main energy saving activities that were implemented during the EECC:


  • Installation of timers for electrical heaters that switches off heating during night time and weekends (the highest impact to energy savings).
  • A timer for electrical heater installed for employees that are often on business trips, and that can be regulated with smart phone application.
  • The doors to the server and storage room now are closed (to reduce the heat from equipment that’s distributing to other office rooms. At the beginning the employees forgot to close the door, but now it’s considered as a normal behaviour.
  • The change of employees habits regarding use of lighting. It is used in places where is really necessary. The savings is around 30% of electricity for lighting.
  • The change of lighting from T8 (18W) 60x60cm platform to T8, 10W LED solutions.
  • The air/air type heat pump is installed instead of electrical heating in the main room. 
  • The installation of electrical monitoring devices to understand how the energy is distributed and if it is possible to reduce the base load.
  • The change of internet router and servers to more energy efficient.
  • A workshop for employees to inform about energy savings reached during the competition, and the EECC effect to employees’ behaviour.