Participate & save

"Participate, save energy, money and contribute to the European climate target of 20 percent energy savings until 2020." This was the slogan to convince SMEs. 

To take part to the competition, companies had to register on a web based energy management system, the interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA) . The registration and participation was free. All energy saving successes of participating companies have been evaluated by using the web-based energy management system. The iESA was accessible from national EECC websites and will be at least until end 2016.

Contribution to be among the leaders of the Competition

With the support of the initiators participants were able to monitor their energy consumption, by using iESA. Initiators helped define and prioritize energy saving measures (e.g. efficient lighting, heating/cooling, ICT devices), and promote behavioral changes to the team.

One employee of the the participanting company's team was appointed as internal Energy Manager as contact for the competition and  intermediary to management.. He or she took part to three national workshops that  provided technical and employee motivation training.

The Energy Manager  helped communicate the aims of the competition to the workforce and involved them in setting energy saving targets. Specific information material developed by the project on various energy saving topics helped motivate the team for the implementation of measures and behavioral changes. Successes in energy savings  became evident in the short term thanks to reports prepared by iESA and were communicated to the workforce.

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