EECC is a good opportunity for team building

ATLAS CONSULTING FSK Ltd. is a specialized accounting enterprise, founded in 1992. In the beginning the company started its business with two employees in a small office, and has provided accounting services to commercial and industrial enterprises.

Currently the company has a large office and a modern equipment. The team consists of twenty well-trained and highly qualified specialists with high professional and personal qualities and experience on national and international level. Members of our team have specialized and obtained skills necessary to identify and solve customers’ problems. The working languages are English and Russian. The Company provides tax consulting, financial and accounting services with up-to-date software solutions.

The company has introduced a system of quality management under standard ISO 9001 and a system of information security management under standard ISO 27001.

The company is on the first place for motivating its employees in participating in the initiatives, organized within the competition. A lot of the employees were very active and sent correct answers to the quizzes questions. They are “like one big family”, as their energy agent Snejana Avramova, has described the team of the company. She also believes that this competition will help them not only to save energy but also to strengthen the cooperation among the employees.

The energy agent also said that “We are participating for the first time in such kind of competition and we are happy to be part of it. If we evaluate our participation we recognize that the benefits are a lot. We learnt a lot of useful tricks for saving energy in the office and at home. The employees are waiting for the monthly quizzes impatiently and discussing the questions before sending the answers. It is a good opportunity for team working.”