Denkstatt Bulgaria Ltd. is a good example for significant achievements of energy savings at the working place

Denkstatt Bulgaria" LTD. is engaged in developing and implementing projects for sustainable development. They have extensive experience in advising on sustainability, helping their customers from different economic fields to develop and implement solutions that make today's actions  sustainable for the future generations.

The company is operating on the territory of Sofia Municipality and is dwelling an office of 160 m2 total area in a building that had been built in 1992. At the moment 12 employees are working in the company.

The premises are northeast and southwest situated. The building is in the new construction category. The facade of the building is insulated, but not entirely.

The windows in the rooms have aluminum blinds that protect from direct sunlight during the hot summer days. Ventilation is air-conditioned and by opening the windows. The heating in the building is with electric local heating system with automatic controller.    

The temperature in the office varies depending on the outside temperature and according to the preferences of the employees, respecting the adopted rules for optimal temperature in winter and in summer. There are 4 air conditioners installed and used for both cooling and heating.

In the summer and in the autumn of 2015 three out of four air conditioners were replaced with inverter systems of high energy class. It is expected a forthcoming replacement of the last one. That is one of the reasons that led the company to achieve electricity savings as the energy for heating

and cooling in the office is mainly for air conditioning. On the other hand the air conditioners are maintained in good working order and are inspected once per year.



The fact that the company organized several campaigns for saving energy on the working place also helped for the good results. A training is done and instructions for the potential of savings in the area had been given to the staff. Instructions and stickers are posted for reminding the employees to turn off the appliances after using them and to switch off the office equipment, appliances and lights before leaving the office.

The purchasing of office equipment is by taking into account the energy and environmental performance, energy class, and total consumption in standby mode of the equipment, as well as the presence of internationally recognized labels (EnergyStar, EPEAT, etc.). The office equipment (computers, monitors, printers) are used in energy saving mode and if it is technically possible, they are set to turn off automatically when nobody use them.

The company has also adopted flexible working hours with the possibility of working from home and the practice several employees to share common working place that leads to more efficient use of the office space.