Participating to EECC is for Gabbantichità a chance to prove its commitment to protecting the environment and climate

Gabbantichità is a small enterprise based in Tortona (Italy).  For many years it has been an excellence in the field of antique and restoration with the application of innovative techniques and methodologies. The activity of the Gabbantichità Studio is realized through interventions aimed at solving specific problems of the treated artwork, and its success is guaranteed not only by the professionalism of the operators, but also by the use of sophisticated equipment and by years of studies and collaborations with research institutions and university faculties. The Gabbantichità laboratory, which has been working with the best schools of restoration of the Piedmont Region, has acquired the title of "Artisan Excellence" of the Region.

EECC as first step towards a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Gabbantichità has accepted the challenge and has decided to participate to the EECC with the aim of reducing the energy consumption and starting to define a strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility.

"Every year we pay very expensive bills to heat our office and the exhibition area, there is a high heat dispersion," said Vincenzo Basiglio, quality control manager.

In fact, the offices and the laboratory are located in an old building in Energy Class G, with non-insulated walls and single glazing windows. The energy audit of the building, carried out by the EECC experts, has identified some improvement measures to be realized that would allow bringing the building to the energy class B. The EECC experts have also provided information on all the state and regional incentives that are currently available for companies that perform energy efficiency interventions.

Despite the difficulties of the economic crisis, Gabbantichità has decided to follow the offered advices and to start, in the coming months, the proposed efficiency measures, such as the replacement of obsolete plants, of the single glazing windows with double glazing ones and of all the old light bulbs with LEDs and energy-saving bulbs.

They are also considering whether to implement a structural intervention that will create an extension along the north side, that will host the laboratory, and that will significantly improve the energy performance of the building using innovative solutions such as the "solar greenhouse" with walls and roofs made of glass.

Involving the whole team is essential to tap the full potential of efficiency improvements

Of course, saving energy requires the commitment of all and for this reason, since the beginning of the competition, all the employees have been involved.

"Since the company has joined the Climate Cup we are all much more attentive to our own habits" say the Gabbantichità employees "the project posters with all the advices have been hung almost everywhere: turn off the lights if there is no one in the room, do  not leave the computer and other equipment in stand-by mode ... and be careful not to forget to print on front-back, Vincenzo is ready to reproach us! "

Participate in this project is also for Gabbantichità a chance to prove its commitment to protecting the environment and climate at national and European level: it is a first step towards the definition of a social responsibility policy that, in addition to reflect itself in relationships with customers and employees, aims at minimizing the environmental impacts of the activities carried out by pursuing energy efficiency targets, reducing waste production and promoting a rational use of water.

"We have achieved important results in our business, we hope to reach positive results also in the energy and in the environment field and we are pleased to deal on a European level; a dimension that we hope to reach at professional level too.

Donatella Gabba, Gabbantichità owner