Granderath Elektro GmbH saves 7,200 Euro annually by changing to efficient lighting

The German EECC participant Granderath Elektro GmbH is a specialized store for appliances and consumer electronics and offers a wide range of kitchens in its 2,000 m² sized store in Düsseldorf. Since its foundation in 1935, Granderath aims to offer a special service including non-standard solutions to clients so they become regular customers. The company is experienced in high-end energy efficient equipment and also saves energy itself in its stores and offices by applying efficient lighting technology.


Change to LED pays off in one year

Granderath Elektro GmbH has replaced around 900 fluorescent lamps in its offices and stores by LED. Around one third of the costs of approximately 11,000 Euro were provided as subsidies by the German national funding scheme BAFA.


Positive Feedback of the team

Immediately after the change to LED lighting it was much brighter than before. For the employees this was an improvement in their working conditions. The color reproduction in the premises had clearly improved. The color of the lighting was perceived pleasant by colleagues.



Tips from Granderath Elektro GmbH for other companies

  • Switching to LEDs should be considered in any case. Even if an electrician must be commissioned and no funding is available, the change from old technology to LED will pay off in most cases.
  • When converting from fluorescent tubes to LED, high quality lamps with high efficiency should be considered.  "Poor LED" have only about 80 to 90 lumen per watt. That would be no significant improvement compared to the fluorescent tubes. "Good LED" achieve up to 148 lumens per watt. When replacing incandescent or halogen lamps, however, it makes always sense to change to LED regardless of their efficiency values.
  • It is advisable to start changing a few LED for testing purposes first before deciding on a major upgrading.
  • And of course: In large quantities the price drops significantly.