GWS is committed to environmental protection and energy saving


As part of the corporate responsibility GWS is engaged in setting standards for climate and environment, in their office as well as in their building construction.


Implemented Measures

Control of the new LED-lighting in the new-built offices.


Communicaton to guests, clients and employees

·         Information and training of all employees by internal workshops

·         Introduction of an Energy Officer

·         Energy saving tips for home

·         Collection of ideas from the employees


Energy Monitoring

Built-in thermostat valves that are programmable together with light control.

The Energy Monitoring is also implemented for the major part of the buildings that were built by GWS (control of the solar systems).


PV System

Intention to expand the PV installationt (to cover approximately 12% of the own consumption)


Energy efficiency Management

Monitoring the consumption of heating and electric power.


Sustainability Initiative

Climate protection is a major concern of GWS. Therefore all finalized buildings as well as buildings under construction comply with low-energy or passive-house standards.

Low-energy constructions represent an advantage for both, the climate and the environment, as well as for the financial situation.


Sustainable procurement

In 2015 GWS exchanged one standard car by an electric car.