Common sense is paving the way at Hammel Furniture

Common sense is the key ingredient at Hammel Furniture, which is one of the participants in the European energy saving competition for small and medium-sized enterprises , European Enterprises Climate Cup ( EECC ) 

Hammel Furniture, is characterized by manufacturing quality furniture that combines Danish design heritage with contemporary yet visionary Danish design.

The company aims to be a modern and socially aware company with a contemporary strong and green production system. Furthermore, the company aims to maintain satisfied and confident employees.


Participation in the EECC was not a far-away  thought for the company. The aim is not to win the competition, but more to gain on the improvement of the indoor environment and the economic savings from energy saving measures. The competition fits well with the company's green profile and the development of a new CSR strategy.

When it comes to energy saving measures, there are plenty of opportunities. Hammel Furniture is located in an old factory building  with inadequately insulated walls and attics as well as leaky windows. Furthermore, the Company has used halogen lamps in the production halls and in the office space.

The company has recently invested approximately 30,000 EUR in replacement of 1,000 halogen lamps with LED lamps, of which approximately 80 are located in the office space. An investment, which is expected to be paid back in less than three years. So far, half of the lamps are replaced. In addition to significant energy savings this has also resulted in improved lighting at the working places.

To save additional energy the Company has further  installed multiple sockets, enabling that all electronic devices can be switched off at one switch, when the office is left.

The energy audit carried out at the company in connection with EECC suggests energy saving measures, which in total can lead to a 60 % reduction of the annual energy costs. The most efficient measure is replacement of leaky skylight windows, which at the same time would contribute to a better indoor comfort. 

”EECC is a good oppurtunity to get common sense implemented in our everyday lives. And, there is a good reason to get it done now, as we are going into the dark and cold period of the year. It is important for our CSR strategy, but also for our employees' well-being that they have a decent working environment, including a good indoor climate, "says production manager Jacob Helweg. 

EECC is a good initiative for Hammel Furniture and provides excellent advice for energy saving meaures. 

In addition Jacob Helweg tells, that the employees has shown a great interest in the project, but it requires an active effort and investments from the management side along with a good dialogue between the management, the employees and external partners. 

For Hammel Furniture the participation in EECC simply is common sense. It is the belief we can, we will , we do.

Written by Cecilie Lindstrøm, and Lasse Dam Skovhus Knudsen,, September 2015