Helvetia GmbH - Committed to sustainability

Being the eldest security company in Austria and possessing the famous „Wiener Ankeruhr“ in the center of Vienna Helvetia is engaged in sustainability and in the protection of the environment.



Initial Situation

Since November 2014 Helvetia is being engaged in the protection of the environment and in energy saving.  Helvetia was successful in obtaining the following certifications:

·         2016: ÖGNI-certification of the building (blue building).

·         2015: Awarded as Klimabündnisbetrieb


Corporate Responsibility

As part of the social responsibility Helvetia is engaged in setting standards for climate and environment.


Implemented Measures in 2014:

50% of the lamps were replaced by LED-lamps.

The electricity provider was changed (now 100% emission-free electricity).


Communicaton to guests, clients and employees

An overview of the monitoring system is presented in the reception area together with the certificates of Helvetia.


Energy Monitoring

Since November 2014 the energy monitoring software „smart:ES“ is being used at the premises. The software that was developed by the company „energieeffizienz Ingenieure GmbH“ allows a detailed analysis of energy consumption. In 2015 electricity consumption was reduced by 5,8 % as compared to 2014. For the year 2016 a saving potential in electricity consumption up to 50 % is expected based on the optimization of the building equipment. In addition info-screens were installed which show the consumption of the building.


Energy efficiency Management

In 2013 due to the introduction of the energy efficiency management the CO2 footprint of employees of the premises could be reduced by more than 33%.



2014 Helvetia installed a PV-plant on the rooftop of the premises, one of the first PV-plant in the city centre of Vienna. The PV-plant has a size of 53 m² with a capacity of 7 kWp (100 % own consumption). 4,2 tons CO2 can be saved annually, through this PV-plant. An extension about 25 m² is planned for the year 2016.


CSR activity days

CSR activity days are being organized. Employees are being motivated to reduce stand-by consumption, to use plug boards and to switch off appliances when leaving the office.