MFSP Financial is gradually reducing energy consumption throughout the Climate Cup

MFSP Financials is glad to participate in the EECC competition, and we are grateful for the free and professional advice given to-date. PiM engineers conducted a thorough energy audit of our offices in order to help us understand how we use energy for our operations. The energy advisor helped us understand the results of the detailed audit, while suggesting the priorities we should focus on and how best to finance them and when we can expect a return on our investment for each potential measure. In fact, the process identified a number of energy wastes which we were not aware of, and that we are addressing gradually in order not to affect critical services of our operation. The project has helped us address night consumption, assisted us in installing power factor correction, tweaking overall standby consumption across office devices while providing energy saving material which we could use to engage our employees. 

MFSP is committed to sustainability


"We are noticing that so far we have made circa 8% savings on our electricity bill, with relatively minimal investment of time and resources."

Andre Micallef
Managing Director, MFSP Financial Management Ltd.