Petrokeltik Ltd. is a company engaged in prospecting and exploration of oil and natural gas. At that time it happens in block "Galata", located in the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Black sea.

In addition to exploration and production of natural gas Petrokeltik Ltd. is engaged in the sale of this raw material on the Bulgarian energy market. About 15% of the used gas in Bulgaria is extracted by the company. The company is certified in ISO 14 0001 for management system of the environment and in ISO 18 0001, which is for management system of healthy and safe work conditions.

We wish to be the winner and my boss always asks me “Will we take the first place?” and then just order “Go and take the prize!” – shared with us while laughing the energy agent Vanya Gerova. The company consists of 5 employees and the office is in a new office building built in 2001. They bought a new coffee machine and a new air conditioner just before the beginning of the competition and they are looking forward to see the real effects from the new equipment.

As the employees are not so many they easily disseminate the information about the competition and are trying to follow the advices for energy savings very strictly.

The energy agent also told us that she had implemented most of the energy saving measures also at home. She is teaching her children to be responsible in using the water and the electricity at home, which is very important not only for the energy savings but also for the environment as a whole. The company is also very active in the monthly quizzes and has already organized 3 topic weeks at the office.


“We all are crossing fingers to be the national champions” – stated the employees.