Particpating to EECC helps better understand the obstacles to save energy

Employing 6 persons, une autre ville advises local authorities and developers on their sustainable urban development projects. Participating to the European Enterprises Climate Cup was obvious for une autre ville. This initiative fits with their will to better understand the obstacles that people can meet to save energy; and to be an example in this field.

Several actions have been implemented within the offices to raise awareness and discuss the potential savings :

Posters :

- the challenge's poster is now in the kitchen area

- a poster on lighting advices and how to choose the right bulb is displayed

- reminders to not forget what to do before leaving are posted on doors : read the meter, turn off the fan heaters, the printer and the multi-sockets, close the blinds




A thematic day on the heating “the 19°C day” (instead of the currently 23°C…) has been organized.

Discussions between colleagues :

- a “coffee energy” has been organized in December during the Christmas dinner. It was the opportunity to make a recap about the actions that have been implemented and to summarize it in a dashboard paper in the offices. There was a real consensus on the objectives and a clear enthusiasm to use the tools and advices also at home, such as using OSEL (iESA).

- an “aperitif energy” is scheduled on the 1st of March to think about the further energy saving actions.

A dashboard : we have identified important and feasible actions and the achieved successes (sometimes even the beginning of the Challenge). This dashboard is updated bit by bit and completed thanks to the advices cards we receive via the monthly newsletter.