Register for an Energy Savings Account (iESA)

To take part to the competition, companies have to register for an interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA) account. The registration and participation is free. The energy saving successes of participating companies will be evaluated by using the web-based energy management system. The iESA is accessible from the national EECC websites which will be launched in February 2015.

Participating SMEs will be asked to enter their energy consumption and cost data from energy meter readings and energy bills into the software. iESA will store, evaluate and benchmark energy consumption and cost data, as well as CO2 emissions data of the participating companies. Energy saving measures and activities will also be entered and related to the energy consumption data in order to monitor the progress of the company. To get the most out of this competition it is important that enterprises keep their iESA up to date, which means just 10 minutes every month. This data will finally be used to determine the winning office buildings at the end of the competition, whilst ensuring privacy and data protection rights of the participating companies.